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26 April 2017
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Photography is an art of producing an image of the object by recording lights or of others forms of radiant energy, it’s maybe Image Sensor or light-sensitive material. Photography is the best way to archive your memories and also your choice and creativity. As so as photography is an art so you should learn photography be you shoot a photograph, to capture an extraordinary photograph from an ordinary subject. If you learn more and more about the secret about photography you can better capture your memories and creativity.
Learn Photography will guide you step by step from ABCD to expert level. The fantastic app learns photography will give you knowledge about Camera and its types, Lights and its effect, Composition and its timing, Observation and applying your thought. At last, you will be able to tell a story by your photograph

Check out these photography topics:
1: Introduction
2: Cameras
3: Lenses
4: Ex-poser
5: Composition
6: Timing or moment
7: Observation

App feature:

Basics of Photography

Advanced Photography

Tip & Tricks

Techniques of Photography

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