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21 April 2017
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If you are interested in supernatural and paranormal events, then you are welcome to the real ghost stories world! We show you the way to the other world, it’s your call to cross it. It’s your call to enter the empire of the dead where tormented souls live in eternal darkness?
Ghost Stories are an application and spooky real ghost stories collection, which can accompany your day with the vigorous excitement of horror and fear! Here we shared a lot of real ghostly experience for the people all over the world to shiver with fear! For your total thrills, chills and amazement read these stories with your friends by the candlelight.
All the stories are high quality so read about supernatural encounters and hauntings using this amazing Ghost Stories App! You can’t go to bed without reading some, no matter if you believe some of them or not. They all are just awesome! Each story will give you the curiosity to read more and make you shiver down the spine!

Do you believe in ghost or do you ever have an experience with a ghost?
The Best app with a huge collection of real ghost stories.
1000+ scary stories!
The Real ghostly experience that you may never forget about.
Real horror stories that can make stay awake at night.
High-quality creepy, scary and horror stories.
All stories are carefully selected and unique.
Scary stories with categories such as personal experiences, ghost & haunting.
New stories are added daily.
The ghost stories you will find here are not fictions but real horror experience!
Download this app for free and enjoy!
All the fonts written are user-friendly and easier to understand in big UI fonts.
A user can read it with or without a sound feature.

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